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Shandong Hoteam electric Co.,Ltd. is rooted in the fertile soil of Qi-lu culture, located in the spring city Jinan of “Lotuses and willows are all around the city, hills and lakes are all in sight”. Depending on talent advantage of Shandong University, Hoteam electric focus on the field of power quality for ages. It had developed active power filter、passive power filter、SVG、dynamic reactive power compensation device、reactive power compensation controller、reactive power compensation modules、TSVG、TAPF、programmable energy feedback load、programmable current source、electrolytic power supply、battery online monitoring system and series of power quality integrated control products. Company undertakes a number of national、provincial and municipal scientific research and technology innovation projects, has more than 20 power quality invention patents. Active power filter and dynamic reactive power compensation device won the national key new product certificate jointly issued by ministry of science and technology、ministry of commerce、general administration of quality supervision and environmental protection administration. Active power filter、SVG、reactive power compensation device、TSVG and so on won the type test report issued by China Electric Power Research Institute, and passed the authority detection of CE and CQC certification. Products technical performance reached the international advanced level, are the optimum choice for harmonic control and reactive power compensation. At present, company is provincial enterprise technology center identified by people’s government of Shandong province、Shandong province power quality control engineering technology research center、Shandong province power quality control engineering laboratory. Hoteam electric is the drafter of active power filter standard in China construction industry. With its power quality products、integrated solution and timely services, Hoteam products not only serve in China, but also been widely acclaimed by the customers from Europe、Asian、Africa and South America.

Hoteam electric power quality products are widely used in the industry of national defense、rail transit、machinery、metallurgy、mining、petrochemical、electric power、communication、finance、pharmaceuticals、energy saving and environment protection、public buildings and so on. Hoteam products are favored by the most users relying on its advanced technology、highly reliable quality and timely high quality services.

Quality is the life of enterprise, and also the basis and premise of creating value for customers. Hoteam electric strictly follows the requirements of ISO9000 and ISO14000 management system certifications,  put the advanced quality management idea and method throughout every single detail of product design、research、production、marketing and services, continuously improves work quality and efficiency, ensure the product quality and operation reliability with the standardization of the product and service process. Hoteam electric has established a nationwide marketing channels and service network, to serve to the customers from all walks of life all over the country.

Driven by the new technology revolution and net economy, Hoteam electric will continuously create value and success for customers, commonly cast the “Chinese dream” of Chinese nation.  “Pursue the most remarkable, challenge the highest peak!to be the giants and leaders of same industry!” is the unremitting pursuit of Hoteam person.

“provide more safe and reliable、more efficient and smarter、more flexible green electric to the society”

Innovation road, never stop, Hoteam electric!

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